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Unknown ill neglected cat found

London, England

July 16, 2014  
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    1 persian cat Open  

When Matt the Cat was found abandoned in a box on the side of the road in July - he was too sick to eat, and his fur was so long that it required emergency surgery to shear it all off.

The neglected moggy, found on Kilburn High Road, north London, was rushed to the nearby Well Animal Clinic where vets set about removing his horrendously matted coat. They also had to fix his broken jaw and remove most of his teeth as they were badly rotted away - but the animal has since made a full recovery and been adopted by the clinic's vet, who calls him a 'celebrity at the practice'.

Photo courtesy of  Well Animal Clinic

Groggy: Matt recovers on the operating table as vets at Well Animal Clinic in West Hampstead, north west London, jokingly shaped the shaven coat into a furry animal.

Photo courtesy of  Well Animal Clinic

Vets sedated the Persian cat and set about the task of shearing him like a sheep with clippers - removing so much fur it filled two plastic bags. Unrecognizable from the animal that was rushed in, the moggy was captured groggily awakening on the operating table, next to a huge ball of fur, which vets jokingly heaped into a ball and gave eyes.

Photo courtesy of  Well Animal Clinic

After bravely pulling through, Matt was nursed back to health. His coat will take a few months to regrow so he has been wearing a jumper knitted for him by the mother of one of the practice's receptionists. And rather than being rehomed, Matt has been adopted by vet Christian Le Van and his family, who live above the clinic.

Christian said: 'Matt arrived at our practice a couple of months ago in a terrible state. He had been rescued by the RSPCA after being abandoned in a box on Kilburn High Road. 'His fur was so matted he couldn't do anything and his teeth were so rotted his jaw had fractured. He could barely eat or drink. 'He was really dehydrated and full of infection, and just in a horrendous condition. He could have died if he hadn't have been found. 'We anaesthetized him and shaved off all his fur. I had to pull out most of his teeth because they were so rotten and then I wired his lower jaw back together. 'It was touch and go at that point. Matt needed intensive care and had to be fed through a syringe so we kept him in for a few weeks.
'In the end my wife and I decided to keep him ourselves. We already have three cats so it was no bother to us.

'It was then just a case of slowly nursing him back to health with good food and lots of rest. 'The transformation has been amazing - in the last month or so his character has started to come out and he's getting much more bold. 'He's become a real celebrity at the practice. It will take about three more months before his hair is fully regrown again but he's doing ok considering we shaved him bald.

Photo courtesy of  Well Animal Clinic

'The mother of one of our receptionists knitted him a little jumper to keep him warm in the meantime, and it's noticeable how much happier he is with it on'. Matt looks comical and his story has had a happy ending but behind it all there's quite a serious case of neglect.

'We have to thank the RSPCA who brought Matt to us after rescuing him. They work very closely with them and they do fantastic work in our area.'


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