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Loc Dinh Phan, 44 stabbed his dog in the neck, dog survives

Rochester, MN

Olmsted County

February 10, 2014  
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illegal drug use

1 dog Alleged


Police were called on Saturday to the Ray Mar Hotel in Rochester and arrested Loc Dinh Phan, 44, for suspicion of animal cruelty after Phan stabbed his dog.

At about 12:00pm. on February 10th, the Rochester police found the dog bleeding from his neck and immediately took the animal to a nearby veterinarian.

Phan was allegedly high on crack cocaine and told authorities he stabbed his dog because the dog was cursing at him. According to the Primary Care Companion, addictive cocaine produces psychiatric symptoms including paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, and violence in up to 84% of patients.

Phan faces drug charges and animal cruelty. The dog is expected to recover.

Rochester Police booking photo.

Reference: Pet Rescue Examiner