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Unknown 4 dogs, 1 cat poisoned

Kalaheo, HI

Kauai County

January 25, 2014  
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4 dogs, 1 cat Open


Four dogs and 1 cat were poisoned on January 25th in a small subdivision of Kalaheo, on Kauai’s South Shore, using a highly toxic pesticide used to kill unwanted plants, state Department of Agriculture spokeswoman Janelle Saneishi said, but says its unclear whether it was intentional.

Kauai Humane Society field services supervisor Mana Brown said it's unknown if the restricted-use pesticide was being used on a yard or if the animals came across it somewhere else. "We've never seen anything like this before that was of this magnitude," Brown said. Only licensed landscape applicators can buy and use paraquat, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to the Kauai veterinarian, paraquat was what killed the pets.  County spokeswoman Sarah Blane said the police department is working with the humane society to investigate.

Saneishi said the pets belonged to 4 separate owners, with 2 dogs belonging to 1 person. The animals came from a relatively small area within 10 houses of each other at the end of Puuwai Road, in the vicinity of Puulima Road, in the small South Shore neighborhood, Brown said.

Saneishi said the poisonings occurred January 25th, with the last pet dying January 31st.

The most likely route of exposure to paraquat that would lead to poisoning is ingestion, although poisoning is also possible following skin exposure, accord to the CDC. Ingesting paraquat may lead to symptoms such as heart, kidney and liver failure within several days to several weeks, and death can occur after several weeks.

An HDOA pesticide inspector conducted an investigation with individuals that live nearby handed out flyers warning residents in neighboring communities.  “It has come to our attention that there may have been a suspected pesticide-related animal poisoning in your neighborhood.  If you own a pet, please confine it to your property. Most of these unfortunate poisoning happen to animals that are allowed to roam freely. Also, please be on the alert for suspicious people or vehicles in your neighborhood.” the flyers read.

Under the Hawaii Pesticide Law, any person found guilty of the deliberate misuse of a pesticide may be fined up to $25,000, imprisoned for not more than a year, or both.

"The pesticides complaint investigation is ongoing,” Saneishi stated.

Reference:  The Garden Island