Who, age What Where When Last Known Address
Gloria Eun Hye Lee convicted of forgery


Gloria Eun Hye Lee convicted of larceny & escape


December, 2011  
Gloria Eun Hye Lee, 35 attempted arson of pet store

Las Vegas, NV

Clark County

January 27, 2014  
Kirk Bill, 27 misdemeanor drug-paraphernalia case, charges eventually dropped

Las Vegas, NV

Clark County

June, 2013 Henderson, NV
Kirk Bill, 27 attempted arson of pet store

Las Vegas, NV

Clark County

January 27, 2014 Henderson, NV
Type of Crime Other Crimes #/Type of animal(s) involved Case Status Next Court Date /Courthouse

1st degree conspiracy, burglary, arson

27 yorkie pups Alleged

5/5/14 and 7/7/14 in Las Vegas Justice Court

Thanks to Nevada Political Action for Animals, and hundreds of animal advocates, Gloria Lee faces 27 counts of attempted animal cruelty in addition to charges of 1st degree arson and burglary. Stacia Newman, President of Nevada Political Action for Animals, along with volunteers, urged the District Attorney via email, phone calls and rallies in front of The Las Vegas Justice Court to charge Lee with the maximum penalty which includes cruelty to animals.

  Photo courtesy of Sheree Ciao, Las Vegas Cats Examiner  Lee is on house arrest on $40,000 bail.

  Photo courtesy of Sheree Ciao, Las Vegas Cats Examiner  35 year-old Gloria Lee, owner of The Prince & Princess Puppies & Boutique, at 6870 S. Rainbow Blvd., south of the Las Vegas Beltway, along with her Co-Conspirator, Kirk Bill, were caught on surveillance January 27th, in the early morning hours, pouring gas throughout the store, rolling a newspaper, and then setting it on fire. Dozens of yorkie pup cried in terror. Local firefighters rushed to the scene, rescuing and saving all the pups as the store went up in flames.

  Kirk Bill took off after the fire and is believed to be heading to Indiana

Lee was placed in solitary confinement because of numerous threats against her. Whatever her motive was to maliciously try to burn her business and pups, is not known at this time.  In a day where laws are finally changing to give voice to the voiceless, and so much is caught on camera, this act of cruelty will shadow her for years to come.

A preliminary hearing is set for Lee on February 24.

Update 2/9/14:
FBI agents in Indiana have arrested Kirk Bill, 27, for allegedly assisting in the torching of Prince and Princess Pet Store

Bill had been sought on a felony arrest warrant by authorities in Las Vegas after being identified as the man seen pouring gasoline in the store before setting it on fire on a security tape.

Bill and Lee now face a 31-counts of arson, conspiracy, burglary and attempted animal cruelty .
Las Vegas court records show that Bill, who lives in nearby Henderson, NV, had been arrested on a misdemeanor drug-paraphernalia case last June, but prosecutors dropped the charge and the “case was closed.”

According to prosecutor, Shanon Clowers, Lee, a US Citizen formerly from South Korea was previously convicted in California of forgery in 1999, and of larceny from a bank and escape back in 2001. She is being held in a Las Vegas jail after a judge raised her bail to $310,000 and ordered her into custody after learning of her past criminal history.

A hearing has been scheduled for February 11th.

Update 2/21/14:
Bill was returned in custody to Nevada following his February 7th arrest in Crown Point, IN.   He faces the same 31 felony and misdemeanor charges as Lee.

Lee was indicted last week. She's due for arraignment Monday, February 24th.

Authorities believe profit was the motive.

An initial court appearance has been postponed for Bill.  Defense attorney Roger Bailey asked the court, on February 25th, for additional time to work out details of the case with his client.   Justice of the Peace Janiece Marshall reset Bill's hearing for Monday, February 24th.

Bill faces the same number of charges as his co-conspirator Lee.

Bill and Lee remained jailed in the Clark County Detention Center.

Update 2/28/14:
A judge said she was troubled by a jailhouse recording of a phone call between a fledgling professional boxer, Bill and Lee.  Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Janiece Marshall set bail at $310,000 for Bill, after a prosecutor identified Bill as the man seen on security video setting the Jan. 27 fire, and said the phone call sounded like Bill asking co-defendant Lee if she implicated him.  "Why are they looking for me, girl?" Bill asked Lee, according to a transcript the judge read aloud in court. "They chased me."

In court, Bill stood silently in shackles while prosecutor Shanon Clowers said she believed Bill was asking Lee in the phone call whether she "snitched" on him.
Clowers added that Bill crashed Lee's vehicle on the way to Indiana, where he was arrested by a fugitive task force including FBI agents from Chicago.

Defense attorney Roger Bailey said he thought the call reflected Bill's bewilderment at being sought by authorities and said Bill had planned his trip to the Chicago area before losing his professional boxing debut Jan. 24 in Indio, CA.

Bailey also disputed Clowers' claim that Bill was clearly identified on store security video as the man pouring liquid from gasoline cans around pup cages and then setting the liquid aflame while Lee collects files inside her pet store. "All you can see is a sweatshirt and a hoodie," Bailey said.

The video hasn't been made public, but may be shown during Bill's preliminary hearing March 10th.

Bailey, who asked for $60,000 bail for Bill, said his client had no prior felony convictions, just a couple for simple battery misdemeanors in his home state of Illinois. He said Bill wasn’t fleeing, but was visiting family in the Chicago-area on a pre-planned trip when days after an arrest warrant was issued he was caught by an FBI-led task force.

Bailey acknowledged a “damning” piece of evidence against his client might be a phone call Bill made to Lee while she was in jail, following her arrest in the arson case.
Bill, who appeared in court wearing navy blue jail scrubs with his arms and legs shackled, was recorded telling Lee, “I’m not going to be able to come sign for you ’cause girl they are looking for me too. Why are they looking for me girl, they chased me, they chased me but I got away. Did they see whose face it is?”

Court papers revealed that on January 29th, 2 ATF agents went to Bill’s Henderson home and watched as he entered a BMW sport utility vehicle. The agents followed for a short time, before Bill sped away.

Judge Marshall said she was very concerned about the phone call and set the hefty bail of $310,000, which amounted to $10,000 for each count.
If he is able to post bail, Marshall said he will be placed on house arrest.

Prosecutor Shanon Clowers had asked for $400,000 bail.  Prosecutors have said that if Bill is ordered to stand trial in state court, the 2 cases could be merged.

Lee plead not guilty in state court on Monday, February 24th to the 31 charges, and a judge scheduled her trial for July 7.

Separately, Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson took steps to free up the pups for adoption. He made public a letter sent Thursday, February 20th, giving the Prince and Princess pet store owners 72 hours to invoke an ownership claim over the dogs.

The letter also says that if they want the pups, store owners Lee and husband, Donald Thompson are on the hook for boarding fees and medical costs that could total more than $10,000.  Lawyers for Lee and the store didn't immediately respond to messages about the letter.

Wolfson credited the Lied Animal Shelter and non-profit Animal Foundation in Las Vegas with taking care of the pups since the fire.   "While I know the pups are safe and well cared for at the shelter," the district attorney said, "I think we can all agree that the shelter is not an ideal long-term home for them."   Animal rights advocate Gina Griesen said she knew several people willing to adopt the animals.

District Attorney Steve Wolfson said, “I am confident that we are moving in the right direction at this time. And I am pleased that the action taken by my office brings every 1 of these pups closer to moving out of the shelter and into a permanent loving home.”

Meanwhile, County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani said she appreciates the district attorney moving forward to resolve the pup situation. She noted that changes made to county code a couple years ago add more flexibility to situations like these, so that animals aren’t in limbo indefinitely.

Bailey spoke outside court with Bill's wife, whom he said gave birth to a baby daughter on Tuesday, February 25th and said it wasn't clear if Bill could post bail.

Update 3/3/14:
Attorney Amy Chelini said that Prince and Princess pet store co-owner Donald Thompson wants to turn the dogs over to a nonprofit animal rescue group called A Home 4 Spot.   Clark County is reviewing Thompson's ownership claim.   Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson said last week he wanted to turn the animals over to the non-profit Animal Foundation in Las Vegas.

Update 3/4/14:
Clark County has decided to let an animal shelter organization hold a raffle fundraiser to find homes for 27 rescued pup.    The Clark County Commission rejected an ownership claim by Donald Thompson.

Commissioners decided the pups should go to Lied (LEED') Animal Shelter owner the Animal Foundation, the shelter that has housed the pups since the fire.

Thompson had wanted the pups to go to another non-profit animal rescue group, Home 4 Spot.  His lawyer, Amy Chelini, says Thompson won't fight the decision. Chelini says Thompson wants what's best for the animals.   Thompson is the estranged husband of pet store co-owner Gloria Lee.

The tale of the pups has sparked an outpouring of interest from people seeking to adopt the dogs.

While authorities haven’t said what they believe Lee’s motivation was, federal bankruptcy records show she and her estranged husband have recently emerged from financial problems.  Federal court records show Lee and Thompson filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2007 to repay their debts. The case was closed in 2011.

Gloria Eun Hye Lee Charges
Kirk Bill Charges

Update 3/11/14:
A judge in Las Vegas extended a temporary ban on a plan to raffle 27 puppies rescued from a pet shop fire, at least until he hears testimony from a man who claims store ownership and property rights over the animals.

Donald Thompson will have to post an $8,000 bond to cover the cost of keeping the animals at the Lied Animal Shelter, Clark County District Court Judge Kenneth Cory said as he set a March 19th hearing for Thompson to appear.

Thompson's attorney, Jacob Hafter, said outside court that he expects Thompson will post the bond.

The judge made it clear he thinks Hafter and lawyers for Clark County and the nonprofit that runs the shelter, The Animal Foundation, should try to settle a civil lawsuit filed by Thompson, who claims he is the managing owner of the Prince and Princess pet store.

"What the law can do may not be the best for the puppies or the parties," Cory warned. "If this matter proceeds, it won't be the purview of this court to determine whose home is better."

The 2 sides differ on what's best for the puppies — and who should choose new homes for them.

Authorities allege the fire was arson, set by Thompson's estranged wife, Gloria Eun Hye Lee and Kirk Bills.

Amid intense interest in the criminal case and the disposition of the animals, county commissioners gave the OK last week for the foundation to raffle the dogs in a $250-per-ticket fundraiser open to the public.

The raffle was called off after Hafter filed a civil lawsuit for Thompson. He claimed the county and the foundation conspired to steal the puppies from Thompson and sell them for their own benefit.

Deputy Clark County District Attorney Steven Sweikert and foundation attorney Lisa Zastrow argued that Thompson hasn't properly demonstrated a stake in the store and that he lost ownership rights by waiting more than a month to assert his claim.  The foundation, meanwhile, spent money, time and effort caring for the dogs, Zastrow said.

Update 3/12/14:
Lee and Bill plead not guilty to revised charges, and a judge rejected a bid for lower bail.

Despite a lengthy argument by Lee's attorney, Thomas Pitaro, Clark County District Court Judge David Barker kept bail at $310,000 for Lee and Bills.

Pitaro and Bills' lawyer, Roger Bailey, said later that their clients can't post that amount.

Pitaro argued in court that prosecutors failed to provide proper documents proving that Lee was a 3-time felon with convictions in California dating to 1999 for larceny, forgery and escape.

The judge noted that records showed Lee was convicted in Alaska of forgery in 1998, and that she pleaded guilty in December 2001 in California to larceny from a bank and flight or escape.

The bail hearing came after Lee and Bills were arraigned on a revised 31-count indictment filed March 7 containing the same charges but combining the cases against them.

The 2 had been charged separately because Lee was arrested shortly after the fire at her Prince and Princess pet shop, but Bills wasn't arrested until February 7th in Crown Point, IN

Each plead not guilty to felony and misdemeanor arson, conspiracy, burglary and attempted animal cruelty charges that, combined, carry the possibility of decades in state prison.

The judge set trial for July 7.

Thompson's attorney, Jacob Hafter, said he was posting an $8,000 bond ordered by a judge who imposed a restraining order to stop the foundation from raffling the dogs in a $250-per-ticket fundraiser open to the public.

Another hearing is scheduled March 19.

Update 3/19/14:
A Nevada judge blocked a planned puppy raffle for at least 45 days, imposed a gag order, and told lawyers to settle their ownership tug-of-war over 27 dogs rescued from a Las Vegas pet shop fire more than 7-weeks ago.

Clark County District Court Judge Kenneth Cory also banned television cameras from future court hearings. And he set a May 5 date for a resolution of the dispute between Prince and Princess pet shop managing owner Donald Thompson, Clark County and the non-profit shelter where the puppies have been kept since the fire.

The judge said he was trying to tamp down a whirl of attention involving the allegations for Lee and Bill.  "I am going to try to remove whatever effect this matter has become in the news from what is best for the dogs," Cory said from the bench.

He didn't ban reporters from future court proceedings, but said the parties can't inform the media about settlement talks.  "You all will get together. You will do so immediately," the judge told attorneys for Thompson, the county and The Animal Foundation. "If you cannot do so, advise me, and I will bring you into my chambers where you will sit until you get this done."

Cory acknowledged that his order was unusual. But he told a courtroom packed with animal rights advocates, lawyers and reporters that he didn't want any more taxpayer resources spent on a dispute that has generated nearly daily headlines and photos of fuzzy faced puppies in metal kennel cages.

Officially, Cory granted a preliminary injunction that Thompson's attorney, Jacob Hafter, sought when he filed a lawsuit March 7th to block the raffling of the pups.


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