Who, age What Where When Last Known Address
David Wayne Caufman, Jr., 49 50 malnourished cows and 12 dead found

Athens, AL

Limestone County

February 16, 2014  
David Wayne Caufman, Jr., 49 35 cows & 15 calves found starving, others found dead

Lauderdale, AL

Lauderdale County

April 15, 2014  
Type of Crime Other Crimes #/Type of animal(s) involved Case Status Next Court Date /Courthouse
  resisting arrest cows and calves Alleged  

The Limestone County sheriff and investigators found a herd of 50 malnourished cows and the bodies of a dozen more. A Limestone County man is charged with animal cruelty after the sheriff said he practically starved his livestock to death.

Photo courtesy of WAFF It happened on land off Persimmon Tree Road near the Limestone-Lauderdale County line. Sheriff Mike Blakely said his department received multiple tips both in person and on social media about cows being neglected.

Sheriff Blakely said his investigators found 3 dead cattle at a 2nd location last week and warned the owner, David Wilson Caufman Jr., about the condition of the rest of the herd.

Blakely said about 50 cows were found severely malnourished. Another 9 were found dead throughout the property. Buzzards could be seen flying above the tree line off Persimmon Tree Road. The sheriff said Caufman put 1 bale of hay out for the herd and was attempting to get more out there today, but said his efforts were too little, too late.

According to the state veterinarian who was out on-site with the sheriff this was the worst case of starvation he has seen in nearly 30 years. Sheriff Blakely said he won't stand for this type of activity in his county. "There is no excuse for someone allowing their livestock to get in this kind of shape. We take these type of calls very seriously. We want people to take care of what they're responsible for and we can go on fighting crime like we ought to be doing," he said.

Caufman was charged with animal cruelty and failure to dispose of dead animals. The Sheriff's Department and state officials have set up a plan with Caufman effective immediately to rehabilitate the surviving cows. If Caufman does not follow the plan, Sheriff Blakely said the herd will be seized.

Update 4/24/14:
Limestone County today revoked the $1,250 bail of a man arrested twice for allegedly starving his cattle, District Attorney Brian Jones said.

Photo courtesy of The Decatur Daily Blakely said today that Caufman’s April 15 arrest in Lauderdale County prompted the bail revocation in Limestone County.

Lauderdale County Animal Control Officer Dewayne Oliver said authorities found 2 cows dead and 2 more in such bad condition they had to be euthanized in Caufman’s pasture on Lauderdale 155 near Anderson.

Lauderdale County charged Caufman with resisting arrest and 4 counts of cruelty to animals.

Update 5/14/14:
Investigators said a neighbor driving by the area on County Road 155 spotted a dead calf on the side of the road, called it, and reported it to county officers.

A man faces animal cruelty charges a second time after several cows were found dead. Investigators said the cows were the same ones that David Caufman had on his farm in Limestone County when he was charged in February on similar offenses. They said all he did was load the herd and move them less than 5 miles down the road into Lauderdale County.

Photo courtesy of WAFF Now investigators said when they got on scene, they found 4 dead cows and 1 cow that had been placed into a 24-hour watch period with a veterinarian.

According to investigators, they found another 35 cows and 15 calves starving and malnourished. Investigators said a neighbor driving by the area on County Road 155 spotted a dead calf on the side of the road, called in and reported it to county officers. That was when animal control officers got out there and discovered the neglected herd. "We'll take serious action on them," said Randall McCrary. "We're not going to stand for this in the county with any kind of livestock or pets not being taken care of. Like I said, this was brought to our attention by a lady that lives nearby."

Caufman was taken into custody. He was released on bond. He was charged with 4 counts of animal cruelty and resisting arrest, but officials said additional charges are pending.


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