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Unknown horse shot, killed

Athens, Canada

July 31, 2014  
Type of Crime Other Crimes #/Type of animal(s) involved Case Status Next Court Date /Courthouse
    1 4-year-old horse Open  

A family horse was found dead in her field at the end of July. Death was caused by a gunshot in the head. Canadian provincial police originally kept the horse’s death out of the media, attempting to avoid further chaos. They have invested time to find the killer and tried to solve the crime. To date, police have been unable to make an arrest and have decided to take the horse’s death directly to the public to solicit help and information in this animal cruelty crime.

Police responded to a call about the killing of a young horse in a field on Chantry Road, Athens, Canada. They found the deceased horse near the home in a pasture.

  Photo courtesy of the Eastford Horse Examiner

Police considered this act of animal cruelty worrisome and have been working on the case since end-July. They thought it best to keep the shooting out of the papers in order to prevent worry and notoriety as they sought to solve the case. Now they have decided to go public to get information.

The dead horse was only four years old and was grazing in her pasture when she was deliberately shot at point-blank range.

Authorities have stated that those responsible for this horse killing may face a long list of charges including animal cruelty and fire arms offenses. They are anxious to get any assistance and that someone will step forward with clues and information to finally resolve this crime.

Reference:  the Eastford Horse Examiner