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dog, kitten found dead with their mouths taped shut

Calgary, Alberta


January 9, 2014


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Siberian husky, kitten



The Calgary Humane Society is investigating a case of a starved Siberian husky found dead in an alley with its mouth taped shut.

The dog was found on January 9th in a southside neighborhood and the Humane Society is trying to identify it.

Clear medical tape was used to keep the animal's mouth shut.

Photo courtesy of The Calgary Humane Society's Cruelty Investigations Section

Update 1/16/14:
The Calgary Humane Society found the dead dog in an alley with its mouth taped shut. Investigators believe that may have led to the emaciated condition in which it was found.

  Photo courtesy of CTV

The husky was so skinny when it died that its ribs could be seen clearly though its grey and white fur.

Brad Nichols, manager of the cruelty investigations section of the Calgary Humane Society, calls it an obvious case of intentional cruelty.

Update 1/29/14:
The Calgary Humane Society says its investigators have searched a "residence of interest" in an animal abuse case involving a starved dog.

The dog and the kitten were found earlier this month in the same alley with their mouths taped shut.

The dog had also been beaten.

The Calgary animal abuse investigation reward fund nears $30K in two days. An online campaign has collected tens of thousands of dollars. Some will be used as a reward for information leading to who is responsible and the rest will go to fight animal abuse.

Humane society spokesman Brad Nichols says items were seized January 24th from a house in the southeast Calgary neighborhood of Willow Park. The items require forensic analysis -- something that will take some time. Nichols also says no other details will be released unless charges are laid.

Reference:   CTV News