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Unknown let a dog starve to death

Revelstoke, British Columbia

April 21, 2014  
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1 terrier-cross mix dog Open


On the eve of B.C.’s Animal Abuse Prevention Day, the SPCA is looking for the people responsible for cruelty against a dog.

The agency is hoping the public can help solve an animal cruelty case.

The SPCA is looking for a person they believe let a terrier-cross starve to death near Revelstoke.

A ski patrol member found the deceased dog inside a cardboard box at a truck turn-around on the Western boundary of Glacier National Park. “Inside the box was a dog crate containing a deceased terrier-cross dog,” said Senior animal protection officer Kathy Woodward. Because there was feces inside the crate, constables believe the tan-colored dog was alive – and left to suffer alone -- when it was dumped at the side of the road. “A dog of this type should weight approximately 35 pounds, but this poor dog weighed a mere 11 pounds,” said Woodward.

A necropsy has been scheduled but cruelty officers believe the animal was starved to death.

Photo courtesy of the BC SPCA

The SPCA is looking for information that will lead to charges. Anyone with information is asked to call 1-855-622-7722. “It is important that people understand that animal cruelty is not acceptable and those who inflict pain and suffering on animals will be brought to justice,” Senior animal protection officer Kathy Woodward said (BC SPCA)

April 23rd marks Animal Abuse Prevention Day in B.C., and the BC SPCA is asking British Columbians to take action by signing a pledge and reporting animals in distress. The agency asks for pet owners to commit to being responsible animal guardians and to choose SPCA-certified food products, produced without cruelty to animals. The annual observance was started in 2011 as a memorial to the 56 sled dogs that were slaughtered in Whistler.

The SPCA investigates nearly 8,000 complaints of animal neglect and abuse annually and relies heavily on donations from the public.


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