Who, age What Where When Last Known Address
Adam Redford, 56 (1) produced/sells crush video

Estero, FL

Lee County

March 26, 2013  

Sara Zamora, 28 (2)

aka Gloria Shynez

animals harmed in crush video

Miami, FL

Miami-Dade County

April 4, 2014  

Stephanie Hird, 29 (3)

aka Megan Jones

animals harmed in crush video

Miami, FL

Miami-Dade County

April 16, 2014 Arkansas
Type of Crime Other Crimes #/Type of animal(s) involved Case Status Next Court Date /Courthouse


(2) probation violations for grand-theft with a firearm, credit card fraud, possession of a fictitious driver’s license & cocaine possession chickens, rabbits, fish, rats, pigs, water buffalo

(1) pled to misdemeanor, convicted, given probation

(2, 3) charges dropped


Adam Redford, age 56, was arrested for animal cruelty on 3/26/13 at his home in Estero.

Hundreds of court documents from the State Attorney's Office show Redford was producing and directing pornographic animal torture videos and uploading them to pornographic websites.

Lee County Sheriff's Office booking photo Photo of Redford's home in Estero, FL courtesy of the naples news
According to the criminal investigation report, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) originally filed a complaint about a series of pornographic videos "depicting sadistic acts of extreme cruelty to animals" on 2 separate websites, www.sexyoutdoorsports.com and sosbarn.com, both registered to Redford.

After obtaining several search warrants, investigators found thousands of cassette tapes, CDs and DVDs inside Redford's home. The videos showed "scantily clad females torturing and killing a wide variety of animal species including chickens, rabbits, rats and more, apparently for the sexual gratification of his customers," according to a search warrant affidavit.

Samantha Syoen, Communications Director for the State Attorney's Office, said the case was difficult to prosecute because it had to be proven that the killings of the animals took place in Southwest Florida. "There's no proof that he did any of this because he's not on the video and we have no solid proof that he's even shooting the video, so this was a tough case to prosecute at all," Syoen said.

Between satellite images obtained by Lee County Sheriffs Office and search warrants, 1 piece of evidence proved to be critical for prosecution. "They had to go on the property and look at all the scenes on the property to match it to the video," she said. "One single board helped us prosecute this man."

The board was a piece of plywood that, in 1 video, 2 rabbits were tied down to using plastic wire ties. A female model in the video shot the rabbits, and the video showed the rabbits screaming and struggling to get away and bleeding profusely, according to court documents.

In order to be prosecuted for animal cruelty, a person must have tortured an animal, since killing an animal isn't necessarily against the law.

Investigators discovered the same board during a search of Redford's home. That board linked him to the killing-- and torturing-- of these rabbits.

Redford was convicted for1 count of animal cruelty in 2013. According to court papers the case was pled down to a misdemeanor and Redford was placed on probation for 11 months and 29 days. Redford was ordered to pay court fee's and a fine.

Case #2: A Miami woman took fetish pornography to a disturbing extreme, police say — repeatedly decapitating live chickens and killing rabbits while engaging in sex acts during the filming of an animal torture video.

Sara Zamora, 28, was arrested Friday, April 4th on 8 felony counts of animal cruelty for her feature role in a video called “SOS Barn” that a Miami-Dade police arrest report described in gory, stomach-turning detail.

Sara Zamora in Miami-Dade court where she was charged with felony animal cruelty. Photo courtesy of David Ovalle/Miami Herald

“The chicken is enduring extreme pain and suffering during this process,” according to the arrest report. The video clips — filmed for a twisted animal torture genre called “crush” — depicted her and another porn actresses “torturing and killing a wide variety of animals, including chickens, rabbits and more for the sexual gratification of its viewers,” according to police.

The barnyard snuff video was filmed at the South Miami-Dade home of Adam Redford, according to the police report, who is listed as a co-defendant, but has not been arrested. He recently concluded probation for similar misdemeanor animal cruelty charges in Lee County last year.

Redford, a boat captain who claims on his website to have filmed a variety of videos “related to South Florida fishing,” said he knew nothing about Zamora’s case. “I haven’t seen or talked to her in close to a year,” Redford said.

Detectives from Miami-Dade’s agricultural unit learned of the video clips from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, a prominent animal rights group. Stephanie Bell, director of cruelty cases for PETA, called the arrest “excellent news. We have been waiting for this.” Bell said the group also had tipped off authorities in Redford’s case in Lee County, where she said he had moved. Bell said such videos, graphically depicting animal torture and death, are illegal under state and federal laws.

“These videos are unfortunately in demand and it’s hard to fathom that anyone would produce or enjoy them,” she said. In one clip of “SOS Barn,” Miami-Dade police say, Zamora gropes a man’s genitals with her left hand while “repeatedly cutting a chicken’s neck using hedge clippers with her right.” In others, she posed “in a sexy outfit” after hacking off the head of another screaming bird, or she beat chickens to death with a wooden stick.

Chickens weren’t the only victims. She also karate-chopped the necks of several rabbits as they howled in pain, according to the report, then admitted to killing them.

On the Internet, Zamora goes by the moniker Gloria Shynez. On a website called Model Mayhem, Zamora claims she has been “modeling” since age 19. Her rates are flexible. “My middle-eastern look distinguishes from many models and I am so excited to see what fun, beautiful shots we create together!” she writes.

Zamora was arrested while already in jail. She had been on probation on 2 separate cases, on charges including grand-theft with a firearm, credit card fraud, possession of a fictitious driver’s license and cocaine possession. If convicted on the animal cruelty charges, she could face up to five years in prison on each count.

She had been in jail for the past month after failing a probation drug test but would likely have been released Friday, April 4th, “if not for the fickle finger of fate,” said defense attorney Theodore Mastos.

Miami-Dade prosecutor Jason Pizzo informed the court and Mastos of the new charges. Mastos, while questioning whether the state could mount a “viable prosecution,” said he was shown portions of the video outside court during a brief hearing. “I’m glad I didn’t have breakfast because I would have puked all over the place,” said Mastos, who used to prosecute pornography cases in the 1970s. “It was disgusting.”

As for Redford, he is on probation in a 2013 case on charges of causing the cruel death and torturing of animals in Lee County. He acknowledged the earlier arrest was a matter of public record but that “it had been resolved.” Last year, deputies arrested Redford for a rabbit-killing video filmed on his Estero property.

So-called “crush” animal torture videos aren’t new and have been the target of past legal crackdowns. In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a law that outlawed depictions of animals being “intentionally maimed, mutilated, tortured, wounded, or killed,” saying it was too broad and violated the right to free speech.

The federal law had been aimed at videos that often depict women slowly crushing animals to death “with their bare feet or while wearing high heeled shoes,” sometimes while “talking to the animals in a kind of dominatrix patter,” the opinion read. But the 2010 decision did not apply to the actual acts themselves of extreme cruelty to animals — and did not preclude the passing of future laws that narrowly applied to crush videos.

Update 4/17/14:
A second adult fetish model was arrested Wednesday, April 16th for her role in a series of porn videos that Miami-Dade police say depicted the decapitation of chickens and deaths of other barnyard animals.

Stephanie Hird, 29, a South Florida native who lives in Arkansas, was arrested while trying to board a plane at Miami International Airport, police said. She was charged with 5 felony counts of cruelty to animals. Her arrest comes less than 2 weeks after authorities charged another model

Photo of Stephanie Hird courtesy of Miami-Dade Corrections

Hird is accused of similar acts. She is alleged to have crushed live fish with “her hands and feet,” according to an arrest warrant filed in court. “The fish struggle and gasp while slowly being crushed to death on an ice cooler. Hird exposes her crotch area and talks to the fish about the killing while they are being crushed.”

A judge granted a $7,500 bond and ordered Hird to stay on house arrest with her family locally. Appearing via video from the jail, Hird protested that the alleged crimes are too old to be prosecuted. “They’re outside the statute of limitations,” she told the judge.

In last years video, a woman – at point-blank range – shoots 2 tied-down rabbits with an air rifle. The bleeding bunnies squealed and squirmed before dying of their wounds. In Lee County court documents, Hird was named as the woman who shot the rabbits, though she was never charged.

In the current Miami-Dade case, Hird is also accused of attacking rats, according to an arrest warrant filed by prosecutor Jason Pizzo and Detective Mario Fernandez.

The model is also alleged to have shot a rat repeatedly while the animal is “in obvious pain.” According to the warrant, she then sets fire to a pile of the mortally wounded animals.

Hird, who also performs online pornography under the name Megan Jones, openly flaunts other fetishes, including feet tickling and bondage. She was in her hometown this week for work, openly accepting fantasy fetish sessions, according to online social media profiles.

On Hird’s Facebook and Instagram pages, complete with photos, the raven-haired model offers wrestling and “fantasy boxing” sessions. “Are you in touch with your darkest fantasies? Have you created a life for yourself where you can experience them,” she wrote on her public Facebook page in February. “I have. I am f***ing crazy.”On her Instagram account, Hird once posted a photo of her with Zamora, “#PartnersInCrime.”

Hird sets her rates high because of her experiences as a “reputable model, agent and producer,” according to a bio on Model Mayhem, the same website used by Zamora.

Hird also appeared on a show called Strange Sex on the TLC cable network. In the episode, Hird films a special-effects laden video for a man who yearns to be manhandled by a “giant” woman, a fetish seemingly inspired by the cult film “Attack of the 50-Foot Woman.” “I love being considered a giantess and a goddess,” she told the show. “Guys love being overpowered. They like being controlled. They like, you know, a woman being in charge, like she should be.”

Update 4/25/14:
Miami-Dade prosecutors formally charged Zamora and Hird. Hird will be arraigned on Monday, April 28th.

Redford’s websites sells the videos featured nude women killing or engaging in sex acts surrounded by the carcasses of animals from chickens to pigs to water buffaloes.

Update 5/29/14:
Prosecutors dropped all charges against Hird and Zamora. While investigators say the proof both models tortured and killed animals is clear to see, there was a major problem with their case: The videos were filmed so long ago that prosecutors said the crimes could not be punished.
“This was not a case that could be prosecuted,” Lody Jean, Hird’s attorney stated. “It’s always been our position that the statute of limitations had run.”

People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, the group that brought the videos to the attention of Miami-Dade police, responded to news by saying Hird and Zamora got off on “a technicality.”

Zamora said the videos were filmed 10 years ago. Even so, both actresses said after appearing in court that they had done nothing criminal, even if police said the videos showed them killing animals. “The truth always comes out. I wasn’t guilty from the get-go,” said Hird, who denied abusing animals. “Those were other models.”

Zamora said she and other young girls were manipulated by 57-year-old Adam Redford. “You get there and have a 40-year-old man telling an 18-year-old girl something and then 1-2-3 it’s over and your life is ruined,” said Zamora. “It’s not like these girls go there and say, ‘Yay! Let me kill an animal.’ It’s not like that at all.” She added: “It’s something I can never take back. Unfortunately, these poor animals suffered, even though it’s just a chicken and rabbit.”

Redford was listed as a co-defendant in Zamora’s arrest affidavit, but a police spokeswoman said Miami-Dade officers allowed the Lee County Sheriff’s Office to deal with the “porn film producer,” who has a property in Estero, near Fort Myers. He was arrested by Lee County deputies in 2013 on 1 count of animal cruelty, and was placed on probation after an adjudication of guilt was withheld. A sheriff’s spokeswoman would not say whether there was any pending case involving Redford. But she said she was hard-up for cash 10 years ago and led by Redford to believe everything she was doing was legal. Instead, she said she was brought up on charges and has now been “humiliated” by the media. “I have a 1-year-old daughter and she’s going to Google me 1 day and think that her mother is an animal — excuse my French — f---er-killer. And that’s not the case,” she said. “They exaggerated the story and the media humiliated me and my family.”

Reference: Miami Herald