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Unknown male threw a dog to a polar bear to distract it from attacking woman

Chukotka, Eastern Russia

March 2, 2013  
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    1 dog, 1 polar bear not charged  

This is the shocking moment a man picks up a live dog and throws it at a polar bear - supposedly in a bid to distract the animal from attacking a woman.


      Photos courtesy of The Daily Mail

The scene at a coastal facility in the Russian Arctic has caused outrage and fueled demands for retribution, as the bear uses its claws to attack the yelping dog.

A screaming woman off camera appears to encourage the man to throw the dog to what seems to be certain death.  The second film shows a woman being attacked by a polar bear and then escaping, without her trousers.  It is unclear if she successfully fled from the polar bear.

The man can be seen approaching the dog and appearing to pick it up as the polar bear can be seen in the distance   He then lifts the dog off from the ground as he prepares to sacrifice it to the animal on the step below.  After throwing the dog to the polar bear, he appears to run away as the animal starts attacking the yelping pet.

In fact, the dog may have fled the scene, but it is not totally clear.  Yet it now appears the man, in hurling the dog towards the predator, was seeking to deflect the bear from attacking a stranded woman.

The pictures and video of the perpetrator flinging the dog to the bear - apparently in Chukotka, a region of eastern Russia where Roman Abramovich was once the local governor - are deeply disturbing.

There were calls for an investigation by animal rights groups and for the man to be severely punished.

The two videos seem to be at the same location, believed to be Cape Schmidt in Chukotka, the most easterly region of Russia, almost touching Alaska.

In another video a polar bear can be seen attacking a woman at the same location in Russia, with the bear trying to sink its teeth into her

It is not known when the videos were shot, but one version says it was 2013, although the footage was not previously widely seen.

The woman was later taken to hospital where she was treated for non-life threatening cuts.  The bear was found and destroyed.

It is believed the woman had thrown the polar bear a chicken bone and was moving forward to give it more when it attacked.

But some people wonder whether the woman was drunk and throwing up at the beginning of the video, or indeed urinating.

Reference: dailymail.co.uk