Who, age What Where When Last Known Address
Rayann Rita Langford, 38

failure to vaccinate, license & general animal care of her dogs

Michigan City, IN

La Porte County

November 22, 2013  
Rayann Rita Langford, 40

failure to appear in court on animal cruelty charges, neglect or abandonment of her dogs

Michigan City, IN

La Porte County

May 12, 2014  
Type of Crime Other Crimes #/Type of animal(s) involved Case Status Next Court Date /Courthouse
Misdemeanor failure to appear on charge of driving while suspended 3 dogs Alleged 3/11/15 LaPorte Superior Court

Rayann Rita Langford, 38, initially was charged with a violation of the local ordinance of failing to vaccinate her dogs (Case No's. 46C01-1311-OV-000167 State of Indiana vs. RAYANN R. LANGFORD).

On November 25th, 2013 Langford failed to appear in court for her hearing on the ordinance violations. Langford violated LaPorte County Ordinance 2001-04: two (4) counts of harboring non-immunized dogs and two (4) counts of harboring non-licensed dogs, each bearing a fine of $25.00, resulting in a total fine amount of $200.00, plus court costs of $118.00. Langford was ordered to pay three hundred and eighteen dollars ($318.00) within thirty days.

Update 1/3/15: Rayann Rita Langford, 40, 702 Beldon St., was arrested at 11a.m. at her residence on a La Porte County warrant for failure to appear on a charge of animal cruelty, a class A misdemeanor, and a Porter County warrant for failure to appear on a charge of driving while suspended – prior, a class A misdemeanor.

Court records show that the Small Animal Shelter has custody of the three dogs. Langford has relinquishes the rights to 2 dogs named "Jasmine and Maggie". Langford intends to keep possession of a pitbull-lab mix named "Moo".

Langford entered a plea of not guilty at her initial court hearing (Case No's. 46C01-1311-OV-000167 & 46D03-1405-CM-001594 State of Indiana vs. RAYANN R. LANGFORD) on May 12th 2014. The court ordered a surety bond of $3,500 and set an additional cash bond of $300 to defray costs of maintaining the dogs at the Small Animal Shelter.

Update 6/3/14: Langford has not posted additional bond for the dogs. The State was granted the right to terminate Langford's rights to the dogs. The Small Animal Shelter is now free to put the dogs up for adoption. Langford is prohibited from allowing the dogs to be adopted by any of her relatives, friends, family or neighbors.

Update 7/29/14: Langford failed to appear at her court hearing

Update 8/26/14: An order was issued for a bench warrant to arrest Langford

Update 1/6/15: Langford was served the warrant on January 3rd. She appeared in court on January 6th and was fined $450.

Her next court appearance is scheduled for March 11th, 2015


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