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Marc D. Appleton, 30 broke a dogs leg

Gloucester, MA

Essex County

December 19, 2012  
Type of Crime Other Crimes #/Type of animal(s) involved Case Status Next Court Date /Courthouse

disorderly conduct in 2009

1 dog Convicted

Gloucester District Court

A 30-year-old Gloucester man is facing a felony charge of animal cruelty after he allegedly beat a dog, fracturing the animal’s leg in a fit of rage because the dog had reportedly chewed the man’s belongings and urinated in the apartment.

Marc D. Appleton of Langsford Street was arrested after one witness told police Appleton had admitted to hitting the Beagle mix, named Buddy, and three other witnesses told police they had heard bangs and crashes followed by a dog “whimpering” and “screeching,” according to the police report.

“(The witness) said the thumps in the house were immediately followed by Buddy screeching, crying in pain,” police said.

Appleton, in his second interview with police, confessed that he had come home from work, seen the damage created by Buddy, then kicked Buddy while wearing a construction boot, police said.  Buddy’s owner had told police that he was working on the day of the incident, selling Christmas trees on Essex Avenue, when Appleton arrived with Buddy, Buddy’s back leg swelling. Appleton told Buddy’s owner that Buddy had been struck by a vehicle, but vowed to take out a loan to pay the animal hospital bill.

Both men rushed Buddy to the Woburn Animal Hospital, where Buddy received emergency surgery at a cost of $4,900, according to police.
Appleton is being held on $7,500 cash bail and will be arraigned in Gloucester District Court.

Buddy’s leg is healing, and the dog is highly medicated and in the custody of his owner, police said.

Appleton had his own dog, but after his arrest, that dog a was given to his sister.

Update 1/12/13:
Appleton plead guilty to animal cruelty charges in Gloucester District Court and was sentenced to one year in jail with 90 days to be served by Judge Joseph Jennings. Appleton was given credit for 21 days already served and will be on probation for two years when released.

Appleton has a prior arrest for disorderly conduct.

Appleton at age 26, from 40 Millett St. in Gloucester, has a prior arrest for disorderly conduct.

Appleton was arrested in 2009 after police were called to White Hen Pantry on Bass Avenue for reports of a suspicious man behind the store.

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