Who, age What Where When Last Known Address
Elizabeth Carter hoarding 18 cats, & 3 dogs

Mont Vernon, NH

Hillsborough County

November 16, 2005  
Type of Crime Other Crimes #/Type of animal(s) involved Case Status Next Court Date /Courthouse
    18 cats, 3 dogs not charged  


All Photo's courtesy of The Animal Abuse Registry

Carter was living in a mobile home with too many cats (18) and 3 dogs.  The home is that of a typical hoarder home where the stench alone is unhealthy for both human and the animals.  Many of the cats were chronically ill, some have jaw deformities, 1 has an eye deformity and several were pregnant.  The condition of the house is such that the board of health would declare it unlivable.


When the Executive Director from The Animal Cruelty Registry went to Carters house, she cried all the way home after taking 2 of the dogs out of the home.  The dog known as Danny was so impacted with feces that he couldn’t even pee or poop.  A chihuahua named JJ’ had nails so neglected and way to long, severely impacting the way he walked.  The 3rd dog a black lab pup named Hercules in Carter's care had not been in the home long enough to sustain any illnesses but was loaded with flees.

Through an agreement with The Animal Cruelty Registry and the NH Animal Rescue League, in Bedford, Carter agreed to give up most of the cats, improve the conditions of the home and allow periodic inspections to see that she remain in compliance.

Carter as part of her agreement, will have to have each of the cats she keeps and the dogs vaccinated, tested for parasites and spayed or neutered.

It was also recommended that Carter get psychological counseling to assist her with her hoarding problems.

  Carter did rip up the carpet in the back room where the litter boxes were kept, replacing it with a tile floor.  At the last inspection of the home, it was amazingly clean, and had no urine smell.  The dog known as Danny had recently been groomed and looked great.


3 cats were initially taken from the home and placed in isolation at the Animal Rescue League including a cat named Boomerang who had a very severe case of Upper Respiratory Illness.  She was placed on two antibiotics before it was resolved.  A cat named Gabby delivered 5 kittens by cesarean (C) section.  All but one of the kittens died from calici virus.  Gabby also had a lower jaw under bite and few teeth for a young cat and had nasal passage obstructions causing her to mouth breath.  The other cat named Fluffers had roundworms.


7 more cats were taken from the home and also placed in isolation, including a cat named Callie who also had a severe case of URI and was placed on antibiotics.

Carter will be allowed to keep 6 cats and the dogs as long as they are spayed/neutered and vaccinated.  The Animal Rescue League has a fund for multiple animal homes and will help Carter to do this.

The cats seized were eventually all adopted to forever homes.


The Animal Abuse Registry The NH Animal Rescue League