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Thomas J. Sheridan, DVM charged with animal cruelty

Charleston, SC

Berkeley County

August 4, 2000  
Thomas J. Sheridan, DVM claims of animal cruelty against consulting veterinarian

Charleston, SC

Berkeley County

November 28, 2006  
Type of Crime Other Crimes #/Type of animal(s) involved Case Status Next Court Date /Courthouse

repeated claims of animal cruelty

cats, dogs dismissed, some cases settled out of court  

  TJSheridan's arresting mug shots

The South Carolina Aquarium has more than 8,000 animals and 500 different species of animals.  It is not an easy task keeping the snakes, fish and mammals healthy.  Some workers have stated that the person in charge of check-ups is the wrong person for the job, and they want the aquarium's consulting veterinarian, Dr. Thomas J. Sheridan, DVM to leave.

Toni Zotta a former vet tech that worked with Sheridan for nearly a year at his Folly Road Animal Hospital stated, "I saw him hang cats with a noose-type leash."  Zotto stated she left in 2000 after Sheridan's clinic temporarily closed following his arrest on animal cruelty charges.

             Three of Sheridan's patients who were part of the initial animal cruelty charges

A Judge later dismissed the charges against Sheridan, because veterinarians are exempt from criminal animal cruelty charges under the law.

In September, 2000, Zotto put together the website www.Sheridantruth.com.  Her website shows a 2001 legal complaint filed against Sheridan by another vet tech who worked with Sheridan and 6 pet owners.  The claim outlines alleged acts of animal cruelty committed by Sheridan at his clinic.  Sheridan denies abusing any animals and settled the lawsuit out of court.

Details of the settlement are sealed but after 5 years of silence, Zotto is talking about what she claims Sheridan did at the animal hospital.  One of the most serious things that happened, and the hardest thing for her to talk about is.."I watched him beat a sedated cat to death."  The lawsuit was filed after the state's Veterinarian Board disciplined Sheridan.  According to the Board's final order, he paid more than $5,000 dollars in fines and administrative fees, underwent a psychological assessment, and took an anger management course.

The aquarium's concern is for the health of their collection of animals and that collection is in fantastic health, stated Jason Crichton, Director of the South Carolina Aquarium.  Crichton is in charge of the facility and its animals.  Crichton states that Sheridan does a good job and pays Sheridan $75.00 an hour while on site and $125.00 an hour for emergency calls.

While the aquarium's Director stand by Sheridan, others who have volunteered here disagree with his decision, and they want Sheridan out.  "I enjoyed working there, I enjoyed working with the public and the animals, stated animal advocate Marcia Rosenberg who volunteered at the aquarium for about 3 years.  She left after questioning the aquarium about the lawsuits and the veterinarian board's finding.  Those animals belong to the citizens of South Carolina. " They should be getting the very best veterinary care," stated Rosenberg.

  John True's bulldog named Cassius.

John True filed a complaint against Sheridan in the summer of 2006.  He stated that his bulldog, Cassius died from Sheridan's neglect about 2 years ago.  True says it happened after he dropped off his dog for boarding at Sheridan's clinic.  Sheridan stated that he had a problem with the dog, and True asked what was the problem? Sheridan just stated, he's dead

News 2 obtained the complaint through True . but by law the board can't acknowledge the complaint ever existed.  In August, 2006, the state's Veterinarian Board dismissed True's complaint stating"not sufficient evident to support a violation."

Sheridan also has a website.  On it, he says his Folly Road Animal Hospital provides "your pet with quality, professional medical services...in a loving and caring environment."

News 2 called Sheridan several times to talk to him, went to his clinic and sent him a certified letter requesting an interview.  Sheridan isn't talking, but his lawyers did send News 2 a letter stating that unsubstantiated claims are being made against Dr. Sheridan...publication of any untrue and slanderous statements...will be dealt with accordingly.

Zotto stated she received a similar letter from Sheridan's lawyers, but she's not threatened and will continue to run the sheridantruth website until the aquarium hires a new veterinarian.

-  Report of the necropsy of 1 of the cats killed under Sheridan's care


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