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Mary Ann Floyd, 62 neglect of 2 dogs, 1 dies

Fort Smith, AR

Sebastian County

July 7, 2000  
Type of Crime Other Crimes #/Type of animal(s) involved Case Status Next Court Date /Courthouse
Misdemeanor   2 dogs Alleged  

A woman who allegedly left a dead dog lying in her yard in Fort Smith for weeks and allowed another dog to nearly starve was arrested on charges of animal cruelty .

Mary Ann Floyd, 62, was arrested on a warrant in Bonanza by the Sebastian County Sheriff's Office and was booked into the Sebastian County Adult Detention Center on two counts of animal cruelty , a misdemeanor. She is scheduled to be arraigned on September 11th.

Fort Smith Animal Control Warden Laura Hobbs said she first visited Hobbs' residence in the 2200 block of North Seventh Street on July 7, after receiving a request to check on the welfare of two dogs. In the yard, Hobbs found two dogs, both of them chained to trees. One of the dogs was dead and badly decomposed. The other had apparently not been fed in days and was "very emaciated," Hobbs said.

A bowl containing stagnant water was within reach of the live dog, but no food was available, Hobbs said. No food or water was within reach of the dead dog.

Hobbs estimated that the dog had been dead for at least two weeks. It appeared that the owner had mowed the lawn since the dog died and had mowed around the dog's body, she said.

Hobbs said she was not able to determine the cause of the dog's death. It was so badly decomposed that she could not even tell what breed it was, she said.

The live dog, an 8-year-old male shepherd mix, had crust around its eyes and insect bites on its ears that had developed into open, oozing sores, Hobbs said. She estimated that it was about 20 pounds underweight.

Floyd was not present at the residence that day. Hobbs said she posted notices informing Floyd that she had 24 hours to correct the situation and contact Animal Control. Floyd did not respond and on the following day, the two dogs were removed from the property. The live dog was impounded at the Sebastian County Humane Society.

Hobbs said Floyd never contacted Animal Control and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Floyd reportedly owns another residence in Bonanza, where she has five more dogs. Hobbs said those dogs did not appear to have been neglected.

The shepherd mix is now back up to its normal weight, or nearly so, and its sores have been cleaned and have healed, Hobbs said. The dog is riddled with heartworms, however.

Hobbs said she was shocked by the level of mistreatment the dogs apparently received. "How anybody can take an innocent animal that relies on us for its care and well-being and leave it to die of neglect is beyond comprehension," she said.

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