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To say nothing, to do nothing, stops nothing

Animal Cruelty Database (formerly and came about as advocates of change and voices for the voiceless. It is with firm and devoted intention that we will work to reduce animal abuse and neglect through our website.

This website, created in 1986, is here as a resource for any organization that deals with animal adoptions. Animal Shelter's have the overwhelming responsibility to find homes for pets that are under their care, hopefully this website will help ease the staff's minds regarding a potential adopter.

This website is maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers, who painstakingly spend countless hours sifting through newspapers, police logs, & court records to find animal cruelty cases.

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The estimates are that there are 75 million dogs and 90 million cats living in households in the United States. These pets are companions and family members.

Chances are if an animal is being abused and there is a child in that household then the child is also being abused. Chances are that a child abusing an animal can grow up to be someone who commits other violent crimes. View this website to see the statistics of just such animal cruelty and human violence.

There is overwhelming evidence to show that human abusers, murderers or violent criminals began their abuse first with their own pets. This website is designed to help stop these abusers by letting it be known that they exist and should never EVER have another pet again to abuse. The abuser files are a matter of public record and can be viewed by clicking on the underlined words listed throughout this website.

In 1997 Boston's Northeastern University and the MSPCA did a study that found 70% of all animal abusers have committed at least 1 other crime and that 40% had committed violent crimes against humans.

Studies also found that a history of animal abuse was found in 25% of male criminals, 30% of convicted child molesters, 36% of domestic violence cases and 46% of homicide cases.

30% of convicted child molesters and 48% of convicted rapists admitted animal cruelty in their childhood.

In 2000, 7% of animal cruelty cases involved child abuse.  The perpetrators either abused the children or force them to witness the cruelty to animals. 13% of the animal cruelty cases involves domestic abuse and 1% of animal cruelty cases involve elder abuse.

One female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 in 6 years time. One female cat and her offspring can produce 20,736 cats in 4 years time. Feral female cats can potentially have 5 litters of kittens in a year. Having those statistics just further support the Trap Neuter Return (TNR) to spay/neuter feral cats and to spay/neuter our pets. Maybe, just maybe if we get the numbers of unwanted animals out of the realm of those that can harm them, then we are making progress in keeping those born from being harmed or euthanized in shelters that do not have the capacity to house the unadoptable or due to overcrowding.

Unfortunately all animal shelters are NOT NO KILL shelters which means animals are killed their everyday due to overcrowding. If you have to give up a pet, even an elderly one, please bring them to a shelter where they have a chance of finding a forever home. If you catch a feral cat that perhaps has been hanging around your property, please take it to a TNR group.

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